How do I use Azelaic Acid as part of my skincare routine?

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SKOON azelaic acid skincare routine

This will depend on what type of Azelaic Acid product you are using.

SKOON. has just launched an easy-to-use azelaic acid 20% clay mask. You can use OH SHERBET! Azelaic acid 10% exfoliating clay mask daily for breakouts. The light pink clay is super absorbent and will further help to mop up excess oil and dry out bumps and blemishes. Although OH SHERBET! is a wash-off mask you can also spot treat individual breakouts with dabs of clay mask and leave it on overnight.


When should I expect to see results?

How long is a piece of string ☺?

Acne, rosacea and hyperpigmentation are all “long haulers”. Results will not be overnight. That being said there should be visible improvements fairly quickly.

If you do not notice an improvement that excites you within the first 3-4 weeks, I suggest you revisit your products and routine.

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